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lunedì 8 aprile 2013


Triple H had x-rays done on his arm last night but there were no signs of anything past some muscle bruising. His arm and hand were swollen after the Brock Lesnar bout.
CM Punk's leg was badly banged up from the spot where he leapt off the top rope with the flying elbow on Undertaker, who was on a table outside the ring, only for the table to not budge, much less not break. There were a lot of people backstage after the show who were amazed he didn't slow down and finished the match as he was in a lot of pain when he returned.
The inter-gender tag match was cut before the PPV went on the air as they wanted to give the top three matches as much time as they wanted. I've heard time was cut from the Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio as well and the company broke from tradition by cutting Lilian Garcia singing "America The Beautiful."
There were no fireworks to open the show due to the light skies and the feeling that the Hurricane Sandy video would be overpowered by the pyro. The company wanted the video to really resonate with those watching as a well to help quietly push their Sandy victim auctions. Kudos to them.
There were a lot of WWE mid-card talents who were down that they never got to go out in front of the crowd or had backstage segments, especially since in years past, the company had always tried to squeeze everyone in. There was also a lot of talk about how silly it was that Antonio Cesaro didn't have a spot on the show given how hard he's worked.
One name we didn't mention who was in attendance over the weekend was Mae Young.
WWE installed free wifi in Metlife Stadium yesterday, although once fans filed in and began using it, the service, based on my attempts to use the feature, was spotty at best. That said, I thought it was a really good idea to promote using social media during the event.

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